Jëbebror is a mythical cavern in the Underdark, spoken of in dwarven legend, where the ancestral dwarves were supposed awakened by Gad. Now long lost, since the opening of the Kazam, Jëbebror is said to have been filled with many crystals, which nurtured and protected the dwarves during their early indigence.


Many dwarves, for hundreds of years, have sought the cavern’s location but it’s never been positively identified. The Scriptures in Stone, much farther to the north, have been found, as well as the Enlightened Highway, but Jëbebror remained elusive until very recently.


In 339 F.I., Culas of House Topaz, followed shortly by The Nameless Company, discovered Jëbebror, after a long and treacherous journey through the Underdark. House Amethyst is now in possession of the cavern and is working to keep its exact location a secret (Episode 106).


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