Kirish Dahn

Kirish Dahn was a small town (pop. 976) in southeastern Eregia, a trade waystation between Belltower and Cantilever, City of Constructs. It was founded by eladrin refugees, fleeing anti-Imald sentiment in Colcambria. Lady Magus Tormála, an accomplished wizard, was the village’s founder and, for the majority of its lifespan, its mayor.



In 302 F.I., the Weepingeye tribe of goblins, dwelling in the Ironshod Hills to the east, made a massive incursion against Kirish Dahn. The peaceful eladrin, caught unawares, fought fruitlessly to protect their homes but, in the end, the Colcambrian refugees became refugees yet again, most fleeing to Belltower in the east or Cantilever in the west, leaving Kirish Dahn to its new goblin overlords.

“Gorzibadd”, as it’s now known, houses an unknown number of goblins, not only vicious Weepingeye raiders, but women, children and elderly as well. Allied with bugbears and wargs, the goblins have held the town for nearly three decades. Neither Belltower nor Cantilever are willing to expend the manpower to oust the creatures and overland merchant traffic has more or less ceased in that region as a result. The current chieftain of the Weepingeyes, Hujat, has turned his tattooed eyes towards smoking out the shifter cover that supposedly lairs in the Ironshods, the closest thing Hujat sees to a threat.

Rumors persist, however, that Lady Magus Tormalá, missing since the initial attack, has cloistered herself inside her tower, awaiting the opportune moment to strike vengeance against the goblins who drove her people from their homes.

In Zahal, 338 F.I., a team of adventurers infiltrated the town, investigating the rumors of a captive shifter cub and a powerful eladrin artifact. They encountered Lady Magus, transformed in the top of her tower into a dreaded green arcanian. They also defeated the current ruling mayor, a foul goblin tyrant named Hujat, driving all the goblins from the village and leaving the town in the claws of Tyristys, a lazy brass dragon and Kirish Dahn’s current ruler.

Greater Koboldia

In Autumn 338 F.I., Speelock, an ambitious kobold and sister to local merchant Gnish Humanfriend, rallied the goblins to her cause, using her mastery of the local wildlife and her captive pet owlbear Pu to keep the creatures in line. She declared herself Overlord and renamed the territory Greater Koboldia, but her reign was exceptionally short-lived, when the very adventurers responsible for destroying Gorzibadd return to rescue their kobold companion.

Kirish Dahn

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