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Oslé is the goddess of luck, change, commerce, adventure and the sea. Worshiped by sailors, merchants, gamblers and the adventuresome, she is a fickle and capricious deity, as well as the patron of the halfling race. She is quick to anger and slow to forgive and as such, anyone with cause to ply Qairn’s three seas had best offer their respects to Oslé before casting loose. Her symbol is a net and her colors are black and indigo.


  • Coinflipper
  • The Bounteous Typhoon
  • Roller of Dice


  • Luck favors the bold.
  • Those unable or unwilling to bend with the wind will one day be broken by it.
  • The secret to true prosperity lies in seizing every opportunity.


There are few unimpeachable rules to following the Oslite faith but any deviation from said rules is looked upon harshly by the Coinflipper. Any follower of Oslé who does not die upon the open water is doomed to forever walk the earth as a ghost, an unquiet spirit. It is popularly believed amongst the faithful that the Demonmaw is, in fact, an extradimensional realm of punishment where Oslé sends those who displease her, in defiance of Hroma’s mastery over death.


In accordance with their goddess’ free spirit, there is no centralized church of Oslé. Each individual diocese, known as the Churches Buoyant, rules their own affairs. Ancient doctrine declares that any church of Oslé must be constructed atop moving water and they’re often found in port cities or even roaming the open oceans. The Sunken Sisters are a secretive monastic movement within the church that studies the deeper mysteries, oftentimes from the very bottom of the ocean.


Over the course of their career, The Nameless Company had several run-ins with servants of Oslé. They fought unhappy ghosts (Episodes 23, 64), visited the Abbey of All Monsters on several occasions and were even spoken to, once, by the goddess herself (Episode 105).

Leviathan, briefly a member of The Nameless Company, was a paladin of Oslé.


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