Overlook is a village (pop. 622) in the northern Emerald Sea. Situated on an island approximately three miles off the coast of Dread Salarza, Overlook is only protected from incessant orc raids by its elevation – 400 feet off the surface of the ocean. Massive cliffs protect the island on all sides and the island is subsequently used as a base of operations for those hunters, loggers and explorers foolish enough to venture into the jungled depths of the unknown continent.


To the west of the town lies a region of Dread Salarza known as the Triangle, the region most explored by hunters and trappers. To the south and east spans the Emerald Sea. To the north lies the Angry Coast, a stretch of hostile territory that few venture into, considering the prevalence of orcs in the area.

In the shadow of Mount Aihka, Overlook is divided into four simple districts, most of them based on the trade most prevalently done there. In Tanner Yard, the Ingo family works their leatherworking business and the district is known for its foul smells. In Ivory Yard, the dwarves of House Ivory are based, in their white brick homes. Rubber Yard is where the wealthy Yarder family dwell, as well as process the rubber trees they haul back from the jungle.

It’s Winchside where much of the town’s action happens, the “docks” that abut the many winches that carry the ships to and from. The winches even hoist the occasional building, such the popular Rusty Winch tavern.


Founded in 51 F.I. by Emmalyn Yarder, Overlook was initially a small rubber mill, hiring guides and loggers brave enough to venture into Dread Salarza for its rich resources. Other business, the dwarves of House Ivory and the Inro family of tanners, were eventually enticed to set up shop here. The Umeme warband of orcs, known for their skinwing mounts, initially began attacking the town in 64 F.I. and has been a consistent thorn in their sides ever since.


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