Palune symbol subtitle

Palune is the god of trickery, revels, laughter, arcane magic and the remaining moon. Autumn is his season and, along with his consort Imald, is one of the patrons of elvenkind. Thieves, actors and drunkards often praise his name, though his temples and churches are few. His symbol is a waxing black crescent moon against purple. The Feast of Fools, a never-ending drunken revel, is his paradise.


  • Moonmask
  • The Vindictive Fool
  • Knave of Ugly Truth


  • Embrace mirth and reject dread.
  • Wit, cleverness and repartee above all else; in service of a good jest, anything is acceptable.
  • Eat, drink and be merry.

Rituals and Rites

Funeral rites for a loyal Palunite involve entombing the body within a cask of wine and somehow disposing of said barrel (i.e. casting the barrel overboard, burning the barrel). It’s said this wine is carried with the Palunite, to be shared at the Feast of Fools.


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