Raborox is a metropolis (pop. 21,000) in central Irmina and was formerly the northernmost point in the Empire of Tojezen. Located in the southern Glasgwair, Raborox, the City of Crystals, was once a rich mining city, built upon Qairn’s only discovered deposit of illuminite. After an unsuccessful rebellion in 333 F.I., the city is now a smoking ruin, its citizens slowly on the way to mending their home.


Size: Metropolis
Population: 21,409
Demographics: Integrated (dragonborn majority)
Authority Figure: Baroness Sykara Raboros
Important Sites: The Yellow Apple, City Hall, Anka & Daughter
Districts: Badbargain Quarter, Baronseat Quarter, Gemlight Quarter, Wagonwheel Quarter


Raborox sits amid the Greengrass Reach, the practically impassable grassland surrounding the city walls on all sides. According to airborne sources, the city’s located approximately one hundred fifty miles north of the Blue Ribbon. Xanthara is often considered Raborox’s sister-city, the jumping off point for most expeditions to reach the City of Crystals.

The center of the city is dominated by the massive mineshaft, that leads into the lower illuminite tunnels. These tunnels run crisscrossing beneath the entire city and are the only place in all the world that illuminite, the rare glowing crystal, can be mined from.

Notable districts within the city include:

  • Badbargain Quarter: Once a hub for merchants and tradesman, Badbargain became, during the recent Rebellion, the home of the Wartorn, a civilian street gang that smuggled weapons to the rebels and illuminite to the outside world. The Yellow Apple, a former green grocers, was their headquarters here.
  • Baronseat Quarter: The municipal head of the city, here was where the Baron Gwanc ran the city. During the Rebellion, this district was demolished by the lightning of Tojezen and sat as a ruin for many years. It’s since been slowly renovated and from the smoldered City Hall here does Baroness Sykara Raboros run her new city.
  • Gemlight Quarter: Here all the valuable illuminite pulled from the ground was processed, crafted and shipped across the world. Some of the world’s greatest jewelers lived and worked here, driven away now by the Rebellion. Now that peace has returned to Raborox, perhaps the craftsmen will too.
  • Wagonwheel Quarter: The caravansary district, Wagonwheel was once full of inns, taverns and general stores, places where weary travelers could rest and find supplies before venturing back out across the Glasgwair. During the Rebellion, Wagonwheel became the headquarters for the Tojezeni legions, during their war to occupy the city.


Founded by dwarven prospectors in 10 F.I., House Onyx was the primary motivating force behind the creation of the city. Initially partnering with the Arkhosian Empire to scout the territory for mineral deposits, the precious illuminite stone was discovered 5 years previously, in 5 F.I., to be in the possession of some elven clans.

When Arkhosia fell and Tojezen rose, Raborox, very much in the pocket of House Onyx, made a swift and clean transition. For nearly three hundred years, the city expanded and deepened, drawing more and more illuminite from the earth. In 333 F.I., however, a sudden shortage was discovered. The illuminite began to run dry and, fearing they would run out, Baron Gwanc, the city’s current ruler, attempted to secede from the Empire of Tojezen.

The Raborox Rebellion lasted five years, from 333 F.I. to 338 F.I.. The Empire of Tojezen sent nearly half its fighting force, twenty-five Legions, to retake the city. Raborox, meanwhile, hired three mercenary armies – Prygor’s Hand, the Dogs of Salarza and the Boozy Battalion, along with the cooperation of many elven clans – to defend the city. What the city could not defend against, however, was the ire of the blue dragon herself.

After five years of fighting, the city was little more than a smoking ruin. It was the intervention of the Nameless Company, specifically Althoren Zencaré, that brought peace to the wartorn city. Now, Sykara Raboros, a former rebel leader, has been installed as the new Baroness and once again, the illuminite is mined, but at a heavy tax that benefits the city’s reconstruction.


The Nameless Company came to Raborox in Durek 339 F.I. On the trail of Tojezen’s missing golden egg, they followed a lead that an elven thief sought to sell the egg to Baron Gwanc. While here, they interacted with the Legion, the Wartorn and the Wings of the Dragon, eventually tracking the egg to a wheelwright’s shop. There, they learned that Cindermaw, the great fiery bulette, had swallowed the egg and retreated to its hideout beneath Mound Anwen (Episode 56).

When Tojezen named each member of the company Blessed of the Realm and granted them a favor, Althoren Zencaré took pity on the rebels and asked that they be pardoned and dealt with fairly (Episode 58). Because of his actions, Sykara Raboros, the Defector, was named Baroness of the city and peace was once again restored there.


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