Seelie Court

The Seelie Court refers to the circle of fey entities that, before the mooncrash, used to serve the goddess Imald. Often compared to Qairn’s primal spirits, the green moon Imald is infused with arcane spirits, fickle, violent and capricious beings that serve their goddess as courtiers. Their exact number and purposes are only dimly understood by most mortals, but they’re known to be powerful, immortal and increasingly prone to meddle with human affairs.

Known Members

  • Obad-Hai, the Green Man, He For Whom The Forest Parts
    Often thought to be the first fey, it’s rumored that Obad-Hai is Imald’s father and that he gifted her lordship over the moon when she came of age. Associated closely with trees, Obad-Hai was once a ribald and joyous entity but, ever since the mooncrash, he’s fallen into a deep sadness. It is said he now wanders the forests of the Fallen Moon, tending the trees and grieving the loss of his daughter.

When he’s depicted, Obad-Hai’s thought to an old man, tall as an oak, with emerald green skin and body hair composed of vines, leaves and acorns. In ancient times, Obad-Hai oversaw much of the care and cultivation of Imald’s forests and he is still their champion, but his attentions have grown slack in recent years. It’s commonly believed on Imald that the spread of the Feywild is due, in part, to Obad-Hai’s growing negligence.

Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati, The Nameless Company’s resident warlock, owes her arcane powers to Obad-Hai’s patronage.

  • The Redcaps (Blight, Fright & Spite)
    Their exact purpose in the Seelie Court largely unknown, the Redcaps are more a bogeyman story for the children of Imald than ever thought to be true, functioning members of the Court. Three satyr brothers supposedly possessed of inimitable skill at murder, the Redcaps were, in legend, often dispatched as footpads, cat’s paws and assassins to dispatch the enemies of Imald and, occasionally, the enemies of the more powerful Regents. They’re known for their insatiable cruelty, childish manner and teleportation powers.

Seelie Court

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