Silverback Coven

The Silverback Coven is a coven of shifters rumored to dwell somewhere in the Ironshod Hills in southeastern Eregia. The population is comprised mostly of longtooth shifters descended from wereapes, but a fair number of wolves, bears, boars and badgers have been sighted in the area as well.

Farmers from Belltower claim that the shifters are among those responsible for carrying off their livestock, though the Weepingeye goblin tribe is almost certainly more at fault than the reclusive shifters.


Founded by a peaceful longtooth shifter named Drek, the Silverback Coven was long a peaceful unit of shifters, dwelling in seclusion in the Ironshod Hills. They kept to their own affairs, occasionally clashing with the local goblin tribe, but otherwise remaining to stealthy and secretive to mingle much with humans.

A few decades ago, a new Alpha emerged to lead the Coven, defeating Drek in a challenge of his leadership and sending him abroad. Called Vix, she’s a vicious and militant werepanther who, over the course of her reign has corrupted the coven into something much more sinister. Her loyalists were responsible for kidnapping young shifters from orphanages and family all around the surrounding area and raising them to hate and fear the outside world.

What’s worse, evidence has arisen that Vix may be some manner of lycanthrope, the touch of her claws seeming to transform her young charges into rampaging beasts. She’s poisoned them all against the former leader, Drek, and against Vaca, his protege and an entity they refer to as the Omega.

In Autumn 338, however, Vaca and his companions returned to the coven and threw down Vix’s rulership. Accepting the mantle as acting Alpha, the task of what direction to next take the coven lies firmly on Vaca’s capable shoulders.

Silverback Coven

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