Sozinex is a metropolos (pop. 160,000) in northern Colcambria. The current capital of the Arkhosian Kingdom, Sozinex is known as the Holy Capital, considering its proximity to the Cave of Carvings and its many holy shrines to Arkos.


Size: Metropolis
Population: 160,628
Demographics: Mixed
Authority Figure: Arkhon Zenedra Sozria
Important Sites: Cave of Carvings, House Topaz Stead, Zarkharat Sozria, The Palace Abandoned, The Ruby Axe, The Speartip
Districts: Shedscale, The Gorget, Little Kazalhan, Royal Corner, Sacred Corner


Sozinex is constructed on the northern most point of the Dragon’s Jaw, a jagged peninsula that shoots into the northern Scarlet Sea. Across the Dragon’s Maw Bay stands the city of Rhogar, another of Arkhosia’s Five Capitals and Sozinex’s bitter rival. Hours to the south stands the Zarkharat Karia, the lands and estates of the wealthy Karia noble family. The Scarlet Sea surrounds the city on two sides, Owlbear Island a day’s sail to the northeast and Zarkharat Akar, a stout island fortress built to protect the Jaw from pirate raids, is only twelves hours eastward.

Notable districts within the city include:

  • The Gorget: The central district of the city, The Gorget is full of taverns and inns, mainly for the miners. It has a reputation for being somewhat rough-and-tumble. The Ruby Axe, a respectable inn, is located here.
  • Little Kazalhan: The dwarven section of town, Little Kazalhan has steads for many dwarven Houses, as well as network of interconnected underground tunnels. The House Topaz Stead is located here.
  • Royal Corner: Royal Corner is where most of the city’s administrative and governmental buildings are housed. One large portion is occupied by the Palace Abandoned and its many gardens.
  • Sacred Corner: So named for its many shrines to Arkos, Sacred Corner is dominated by the Speartip, the jagged mount that Arkhosia herself once preached from.
  • Shedscale: The city’s slum, Shedscale is where many of the city’s outsides and Imaldi citizens live. Entrance to the city requires going through customs.

The Cave of Carvings, a site sacred to both the faiths of Arkos and Gad, gives Sozinex its name, roughly translating into “shrine” in the Arkhosian language. When Arkos desired to give his nomadic dragonborn followers a written language, he turned to Gad and requested he write them a language. The Earththinker replied that he’d already done so and the script could be found, carved into a cave on the northern sea. To this day, the site is protected by an accord between the two churches and a popular tourist attraction the world over.


Founded in 204 A.E., the city of Sozinex was constructed around the Cave of Carvings, as faithful pilgrims from both religions flocked to the site to observe the sacred letters etched into the stone. In 732 A.E., when the moon crashed, the leaders of Sozinex worked quickly to establish themselves as the capital of Arkhosia but inevitably joined the Five Capital Confederacy in 0 F.I. Because of its importance to the faith of Gad, the city has always had a great dwarven presence. It was here, in 65 F.I., that the Unczar Conspiracy was officially unmasked.


In the year 339 F.I., Sozinex is the capital city of Arkhosia. King Mycrete VI rules from Sozinex, but much of the royal power has fallen to Metarkh Ptolomos Phrenos, following his miraculous trials-by-combat. Arkhon Zenedra Sozria is the city’s official ruler and a Truarkh toady, much reviled by the common people. Many of the Truarkh’s tentpole policies – the exile of Imaldi citizens, the goliath slave trade – are both in prominence here.


In Autumn 339 F.I., The Nameless Company, disguised as Arkhosian adventuring party The True Flame, visited Sozinex to return Vytoza of House Topaz to her mother, Ûbolya. While here, they met Princess Mexa, the heir apparent to the Arkhosian Crown, and allied with the Angaryo. Still in disguise, they also met with King Mycrete VI, Metarkh Ptolomos and Ûbolya before fleeing the city aboard the newly-purchased mistico, The Nightowl. (Episodes 67, 68, 69)


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