The Distressed Damsel

The Distressed Damsel is a caravel, halfling in design, owned by Three Seas Shipping and captained by Free Captain Yenta Yolanda (Yo) “Dugong” Dawndive. With four masts, four decks and a crew of approximately forty hands, all halfling, the ship is designed to ferry wealthy clients across long distances.

In Zahal 338, F.I., the Damsel was commissioned to transport the adventuring party from Cantilever, City of Constructs to Eudox. She’s now been further commissioned to head southward, in pursuit of the Oferet.


Crew Members

  • Free Captain Yenta Yolanda (Yo) “Dugong” Dawndive (captain)
  • Brawny Zorocco (Rocco) “Zealot” Broadbeach (first mate)
  • Saber Sabbatini (leader of ship’s defenders)
  • “Midday” Giuselle & “Midnight” Emerta (ship’s clergy)
  • Charts (navigator)
  • Plum (sailor)
  • The Baron (ship’s cat)

(Note: While normally the Damsel carries a crew of forty, she’s currently sailing with a reduced 30 crewmembers.)

The Distressed Damsel

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