The Nightowl

The Nightowl is a mistico, Obaltan in design, that blends halfling craftsmanship with eladrin magic. Crafted by Magus Openocean, a halfling wizard-shipwright, in 324 F.I., The Nightowl is a two-masted vessel, best run by a crew of fifteen and comes equipped with many magical features. These include magical lights that allow the ship to sail after dark, an extradimensional cargo hold and Egnaro, an arcane spirit akin to a wizard’s familiar, bound into the ship’s wood.

In 339 F.I., it was purchased by The Nameless Company and Yolanda Dawndive as their personal cruising vessel.


  • Captain Yenta (Yo) “Dugong” Yolanda Dawndive: captain
  • Brawny Zorocco (Rocco) “Zealot” Broadbeach: first mate
  • Saber Sabbatini: quartermaster
  • Idiot Ianni Pierplank: boatswain
  • Charts: navigator
  • Midday & Midnight: chaplains
  • Kardasha the Cruel: cook

The Nightowl

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