Three Seas Shipping

Three seas shipping

Three Seas Shipping is Qairn’s largest and arguably wealthiest company – a world-spanning mercantile guild run by a great alliance of halfling trading guilds. Officially founded in 624 A.E. by Fabiana Farlung, Three Seas quickly came to monopolize all sea-based commerce between Qairn’s four civilized continents and, subsequently, wields tremendous influence while maintaining a strict policy of neutrality. So vital in their favor for a seaside community that often, governments grant the contacts and employees of Three Seas diplomatic immunity, to prevent earning the company’s dreaded embargo.


Coming from humble beginnings, Three Seas Shipping began as a small confederation of various halfling captains in the late Arkhosian Era. Starting in 611 A.E., the company’s founder, Captain Fabiana Farflung of The Wistful West, began to accumulate other independent traders interested in forming a guild of likeminded traders. The name, so elegant in its simplicity, she claims popped into her head during a mastmeet that spring.

Three Seas Shipping

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