Truarkhism, or the True Arkhosian Front, is a fundamentalist political ideal fathered by Arkhon Ptolomos Phyrenos, that incorporates elements of jingoism, fascism and extreme traditionalist values. A radial and controversial ideology, Truarkhism was rapidly picking up speed across the disenfranchised remnants of the Arkhosian Empire, with Ptolomos’ hometown of Phyren a particular hotbed. His work, Tyr Arkhyos, is considered the movement’s manifesto.


Truarkhs believe firmly in the inbred superiority of the dragonborn people, with emphasis on the Arkhosian Empire specifically. They keep traditional Arkonian values of conquest, valor through arms and “might makes right” and support slavery, as they few those cultures lacking the strength to defend themselves from conquest require ruling. In addition to the conquest of the known world and the re-subjugation of the goliath people, Truarkhs view the mooncrash as an attack on sovereign Arkhosian soil and seek to annex Imald via violent invasion.

Known Truarkh

  • Arkhon Ptolomos Phyrenos, leader of the movement
  • Aiqor, Ptolomos’ right-hand man
  • Captain Basiliskhos, privateer (dead)
  • Typhoenos Viomarkh, privateer (formerly)


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