Vaca's Letters

To The Nameless Company:


I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you. Through all we’ve been through, I could not love you more. I need you to know you saved my life.

  • Zanna: You are the capable leader I have had the honor of fighting under. Arkos iath, agaz tytarar.
  • Zencaré: Of all the honorable men I’ve met, you are the most honorable. You have overcome terrible things – I hope you recognize how strong you are. A’laena sar.
  • Chogaruk: What you are trying to accomplish is truly noble. If anyone could lead a revolution, it would need to be someone of your good intention, bravery and courage. I truly hope you succeed. I never had reason to doubt you. Wihindewuku.
  • Thistle: Your devotion to your companions is what makes you so important. You were unwavering in your support. Under you, I know the empire will grow to glory. Never doubt yourself. Never surrender.
    I know what we are fighting for is worth my life. I believe in our cause.
    Please give Lunoré my cloak, and Culas my love.

Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa"

To Culas, Hero of House Amethyst:

“Jyr Fasud,

I want you to know above all else that I treasure you dearly. As I am now gone, I need you to understand that you were my most valuable treasure.
I know you are not as accustomed to endearment or emotional upheaval. Please do not mourn me. Know that with my last breath, I thought of nothing but you and the time we shared. I loved my life to the best I could and hope you will be proud of what I’ve accomplished. You made me brave.
The contents of this pouch are for you. I intended to give them under happier circumstances. I hope you’ll covet them – a symbol of my love and the life I had hoped to share with you. Know that why I died was for a cause and a reason I truly believe to be more important than any 1 man. I know you will understand.
Please tell the children and my parents I love them. With them, a hole in my heart was filled. They brought me such joy.
I leave with you also my shield. May it protect you – as I would have.
Until the day I see you again, I will talk of you often to Hroma.

Ad raman am,

Vaca's Letters

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