Witcomanee is a large island in the Chicken Bone Archipelago, the dominant island chain of the Scarlet Sea. It’s the ancestral home of the Ta’dez’alé goliath tribe and, despite being little more than a wet, inhopsitable rock, has housed a large goliath settlement for almost three centuries.


Size: Large City
Population: 16,250
Deomgraphics: Isolated (goliath majority)
Authority Figures: Chief Tawessu, Akeenaw Many-Teeth
Important Sites: Hakidomuya, Ta’de’utina
Districts: Henapin, Hunnapin, Kongkont, Nadeywee Market


Constructed on a desolate island in the far southeastern Scarlet Sea, Witcomanee is surrounded by miles and miles of blank, rocky islands, the dregs of the Chicken Bone Archipelago. These islands the goliath druids and stoneshapers of the tribe have fashioned into great monolithic heads, as primal wards against intruders. These heads serve a separate purpose – hollowed out, they’re great forward watchtowers for the Saltspray’s raiding efforts.

Notable districts within the city include:

  • Henapin: The administrative center of the city, Henapin is constructed atop the northern cliffs and is where many of the important sites within Witcomanee can be found. The Hakidomuya (Circle of Challenge) can be found here, as well as the Ta’de’utina (Saltspray Hall).
  • Hunnapin: The residential district of the city, Hunnapin is where the vast majority of the goliath population lives and works. Living in simple dwellings of stone and driftwood, there’s little in this crammed district besides homes stacked upon homes stacked upon homes.
  • Kongkont: The Shipbreaker Wall that encircles Witcomanee is partially practical, partially magical in origin. The druids helped rear stones to protect the city and the laborers constructed great ramparts of wood across those stones, to ward away any incoming ships. The sculpted heads that encircle the island are likewise incorporated into the Wall, though they remain even when the wall’s not been constructed.
  • Nadeywee Market: The “Down-Low” market is where much of the island’s trade and commerce happens. Here, the slave trade runs the thickets and most of the atrocities against dragonborn are committed here.


In 1 F.I., an Arkhosian armada, en route to the war effort in Colcambria, was commandeered by its crew of goliath rowers and run around on a massive island in the Scarlet Sea. From this wreckage was the Ta’de’zal’é home city constructed and, within months, the escaped goliath slaves began preying upon any that stumbled upon their island, particularly those sent to investigate the missing craft.

In 113 F.I., a black dragon named Ruqolmaz attacked Witcomanee in a frenzy. Ultimately, the dragon was slain by Moema, a common goliath brave, then named Chieftain on the spot. Her crown, the Dragonbone Crown, is still worn by the Saltspray Chieftain to this day.

In 339 F.I., under the Chieftain Tawessu, Witcomanee has become a fortified town, protected by their Kongkont, a shipbreaking seawall. It was also, under Tawessu’s rule, made the hub of the Truarkh slave trade, Arkhosian slaves bought and sold on the streets of the Nadeywee Market. In 339 F.I., Chogaruk, an apostate brave, successfully converted the Ta’de’zal’é to his cause, the goliath fighting force known as the Mizkwinashange.


Though one of their members – the mighty Chogaruk – is originally from Witcomanee, The Nameless Company did not visit the island until very late in their career. Seeking allies in the war against True Arkhosia, they came last to Witcomanee, to solicit the help of the Saltspray. It was a bitter homecoming for Chogaruk but eventually a successful one – he secured the allegiance of the Ta’de’zal’é for his war ( Episode 110).


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