Yaor Bay

Yaor Bay is a small town (pop. 1,289) located on an island in the western Scarlet Sea. A notorious pirate port, Yaor Bay is famous for the small democracy it boasts, modeled after the Seastone Republic.


Size: Small Town
Population: 1,289
Demographics: Mixed
Authority Figure: The People’s Republic of Plunderers
Important Sites: The Cracked Mast, The Man Overboard, The Prismatic Guildhall
Districts: Naor Bay, Yaor Bay


Located at an ideal point along two shipping routes between Tojezen and the Seastone Republic, Yaor Bay is perfectly positioned to both monopolize and prey on merchant traffic between the two powers. As both buccaneers and legitimate merchants use the island to resupply and purchase cargo, Yaor Bay is very clearly gentrified into the reputable district and the less-than-reputable district.

Those districts include:

  • Naor Bay: The more northern of the island’s two bays, Naor Bay is where the more legitimate business is conducted, where merchants and the occasional smuggler can purchase cargo that was very possibly plundered by the pirates of Yaor Bay and then sold to a broker in town. The Man Overboard is located here.
  • Yaor Bay: The more southerly of the island’s two bays, Yaor Bay is the lair of many of the regions most powerful corsairs and buccaneers. The Cracked Mast, a rowdy tavern in this district, is located here, and it’s the site of the monthly meeting of the People’s Republic of Plunderers.


Once a budding Tojezeni colony called Lyokh, Yaor Bay fell almost immediately upon hard times following its founding in 328 F.I., when a pair of mating dragons – Tojezen and Calexzar – came rampaging through the town and destroyed several great swathes of city street.

Following this calamity, the town never truly recovered and pirates began to flourish here in the intervening decade. For some reason, the Prismatic Fellowship established a Guildhall here, making it a viable linked portal destination.


Once in their long career of adventuring did The Nameless Company come to Yaor Bay. In Autumn 339 F.I., when seeking a cure for their collective scale rot, Chogaruk, Zanna and Zencaré came to the island, seeking transport to the Crimson Atoll in the south. Here, they hired old friend and comrade Captain Bixby and learned of his hard times ( Episode 96).

Yaor Bay

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