Episode 100 - Await We The Fall

Farewell to a Friend

Game Date: Autumn 100 – Sangor 1, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Maz Immura
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Zanna

Deeper in the ruins of Maz Immura, The Nameless Company confronts a massive clockwork monster, meant to represent the continent-sized beast that once walked the face of Qairn and whose ribs, they theorize, formed the walls of the Ukuta. After several rounds of bitter battle against the monstrous automaton, the heroes discovered the secret which allowed them to defeat the beast – the gods dropped the third moon, Xyar’s moon, down atop the beast to finally slay the creature.

This monster defeated, they commenced to the next chamber. Here, after defeating a lethal poisonous gas trap, they learned that Xyar, furious at the wanton destruction of his moon, sent a virulent plague to ravage the First Giants. Thought to be the origin of scale rot, the surviving giants were forced to flee to their own astral domains and Xyar, they left chained to the bottom of the world, frozen forever in ice.

The next chamber gave them a choice – they must decide which of the god’s astral domains to travel through. After a short debate, they ultimately decided to visit Gad’s – the Library of Lore – hoping to locate Professor Kajetan of House Jasper. After teleporting to the astral domain and laying eyes upon all the splendor of Gad’s paradise, they met a young, idealistic dwarf they recognized as a much younger version of Kajetan. So enthralled and rapturous was he, given all the universe’s knowledge to peruse, the old dwarf had forgotten why he’d come to Maz Immura in the first place. Though tempted to stay – especially Alecta – the Nameless Company bid a final farewell to the Professor, content in the knowledge that he’d arrived somewhere where he could be happy.

In the complex’s final chamber, The Nameless Company had yet another shocking revelation. Not only did the humans of the Nameless Time know that, thousands of years later, Imald would fall to the earth but so too, they predicted, would Palune! Before they can understand the full ramifications of this dire portent, Lunoré’s eyes glowed purple and once again, the Nameless Company stood in the presence of the Moonmask himself – Palune.

According to the trickster god, his moon is due to crash sometime in the next hundred days or so, much to the shock and chagrin of the Nameless Company. Once again, he was forbidden from providing too many details but he made Zencaré a deal – if they can stop the moon from crashing, Palune will return the eladrin’s deceased wife to him. Reluctantly agreeing to the proposal, the adventurers are further shocked to learn that the adversary who holds the secret, the foe they must defeat to stop the moon’s crashing, is none other than Vencel.

Agreeing to touch base soon, as soon as Palune has determined exactly when the moon’s likely to crash, the bemused Nameless Company heads to Phalma. Off to celebrate the christening of Qormoxen, the gold wyrmling, the adventurers heads veritably swim with all the revelations and ultimatums.



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