Episode 20 - Mastmeet

The Strange Mists Return

Game Date: Zahal 51-61, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Scarlet Sea (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Back aboard The Distressed Damsel, The Nameless Company shares the unhappy tiding of Zencaré’s death to a saddened crew and resolve to, with massive silver gear in tow, return to Belltower and make of it a gift for Professor Kajetan. After sailing several days north, they’re informed of two unfortunate facts – the Damsel is dreadfully low on fresh water and has to acquire some more before they can continue and they’ve, along with the sunset ship, emerged on the opposite side of Colcambria.

They sail northward for several more days, allowing the sunset ship to keep a comfortable distance, before they, on a particularly misty Zahal 61, encounter a mastmeet in progress. An antiquated halfling custom, a mastmeet is a rare occurrence when at least three but as many as ten halfling ships encounter each other at sea simultaneously. By custom, they all must stop what they’re doing to throw together an impromptu bazaar between their ships with various netting. The mastmeet the Nameless Company encounters contains no less than five ships, not including the Damsel herself. The adventurers agree to partake, seeing a perfect opportunity to both find some fresh water, as well as perhaps do some light shopping.

It doesn’t take the heroes long to discover that, judging by the ships, attire and behavior of the halfling merchants, that the mist is no mere coincidence and has, in fact, transported them once again back in time. By their calculations, the adventurers estimate they’re approximately 400 years in the past, sometime around 600 A.E.. This time, however, they share this information with an astonished Captain Yolanda, who agrees to keep quiet around her superstitious crew.


The Company splits up to best enjoy all the mastmeet has to offer. Chogaruk inspects each stall, eventually purchasing some wrestler’s gloves from a hard-nosed halfling barterer. Cutter becomes embroiled in a plot revolving a stolen treasure map, its shady seller and an irate halfling pirate captain. After a handful of unsuccessful negotiations, Vaca enlists Cutter’s help in acquiring a pari of acrobatic boots. Zanna, with a little help from both Cutter and the Dugong, orchestrates the founding of Three Seas Shipping in exchange for another golden gear.

Their business concluded, the heroes depart with the tolling of each ship’s bell. As the mastmeet pulls apart, the mist blows away, sweeping all five ships and nearly four hundred years with it.

Zanna’s Diary (Zahal 61, 338 F.I.)
“Dear Diary,
I haven’t written in a while, because…well. I haven’t quite known what to say. Zen died. We were fighting some Topaz guys on one of their flying ships and the Oferet came in and shot it down and… maybe if I’d just been a little faster I could have gotten to him before we fell, but I wasn’t. Papa never really taught me how to deal with the death of your fighters. He wrote letters to their families when they had them, but Zen’s daughter is with us anyway. We are gonna try to bring him back, for her sake. We had another weird time-travel adventure and got a map that will hopefully get us an artifact to bring him back. I’ll let you know how it goes.
P.S. – We have the gear now for Kajetan. I guess we should bring it back, but Zen first!"



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