Episode 40 - Palune, Part IV: Boughs of Black

The Fall of an Immortal Tyrant

Game Date: Durek 52, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Tsoj, City of Eyes (Huntsman’s Monolith)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Typhoenos Viomarkh, Zanna

Transported to the grassy plains of Palune, The Nameless Company must contend with a pair of rampaging bilgesnipe and the teleportation circle summoned whenever their antlers lock together. While some of the party members suffer superficial injuries from failing to properly time their attempts, each and every one of the adventurers managed to negotiate the antlers and activate the teleportation circle within.

The next chamber. within the Monolith of the Flayer, our heroes were horrified to discover, was none other than the Vizier’s slave pens. Here, separated by a portcullis, he kept a smattering of dusk elves and dusk gnomes captives, but a large quantity of chitine, mindless jabbering abominations created through some foul process from their dusken counterparts. Promising to protect the slaves, the adventurers agree to throw the portcullis open and slay the population of chitine the Flayer keeps and make short work of the creatures. Activating the next circle, the Company teleports onward.

In the next chamber, sitting huddled around a fireplace and knitting incessantly, The Nameless Company encounters Min the Deathless, First Fomorian and Pharaoh of All The Known World – a withered husk of a creature, stooped with the pressure of maintaining countless magical effects, barely aware of their presence and seemingly, immune to all harm.

An intense discussion breaks out, the adventurers debating for many long minutes the best methods they could employ to slay the catatonic fomorian until, after much debate and several failed attempts to harm Min with spells and weapons, Chogaruk wields the slaying stone against the Pharaoh. In his death throes, the wizened creature’s thousands of spells fail and his corpse is reverted back to its original greatness. In so doing, the slaying stone is instantly powderized and the name “Min” is forever etched, by necrotic magic, into the palm of Chogaruk’s hand.

Using the massive teleportation circle inscribed onto the floor, the adventurers transport themselves onto the deck of The Saiaron, only to discover the craft currently falling straight down what once was the city’s waterclimb and prevent themselves from dying in the crash. Rescuing an intact dinghy from wreckage and throwing Cavvalas a piece of driftwood, the heroes row away, watching the destruction they wreaked upon Tsoj from a distance as all the city’s towers and statues crumble to dust.

Arriving back at The Distressed Damsel, the company is reunited with the halfling crew as well as Lunoré, Zencaré’s daughter, once again possessed by the power of Palune. In parley with the Moonmask, they learn the trickster god’s perspective of events, receive his congratulations and, incidentally, his plans to fornicate with Oslé. Once the conference is over, however, Typhoenos is converted, Zencaré’s curse is lifted and the Damsel is returned, instantaneously, to Qairn.

Stepping back onto the deck, the adventurers are dismayed to discover, however, a party of ironforged awaiting them, led by their vile inventor, Ûbolya of House Topaz.



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