Episode 41 - An Early Autumn

Return to Qairn

Game Date: Autumn 47 – 52, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Maz Qyne (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Typhoenos Viomarkh, Zanna

After a brief parley with Ûbolya, in which the heroes unsuccessfully attempt to convince her and her warforged lackeys that it was Palune’s divine intervention that returned them to the surface of Qairn, battle is almost instantaneously joined.


During the battle, Zanna plans a strategy to maximize the adventurers’ effectiveness. Chogaruk leaps onto Ûbolya’s Tenser’s Floating Disc and nearly slays her outright, were it not for the timely intervention of one of her warforged. Vaca hurls barrels full of weapons across the gap to better arm the Damsel’s defenders. Typhoenos rushes to the halfling’s defense, steering the ship fully about so that he might clamber ashore and provide the warforged someone their own size to contend with. Zencaré is the first and only member of The Nameless Company to physically harm Ûbolya, professedly for the first time in her life, causing her to rapidly flee the chamber atop her floating disc.

The battle concluded, The Nameless Company licks their wounds and prepares to depart the portico, on a southeasterly quest for Belltower. As they sail eastward, Zencaré continues his study of Vencel’s documents, Typhoenos discovers his scale rot has returned with a vengeance and Ferberk, their trusty dwarven page, reports that they’re approaching an island in the Emerald Sea which, according to the Scriptoscope™, bore one instance of the dusk lettering. Overtaken by curiosity, the heroes agree to approach and investigate the island of Bulmer’s Sentinel.

Careful to avoid drawing the ire of the nearby community of hill giants, the adventurers explore the beach and the forests on the island and discover, much to their surprise, a marooned gnome, calling himself Yinsel and evidently, the former captain of the Oferet. Quite insane, Yinsel confesses to be the person responsible for the dusk lettering scrawled across Chogaruk and Vaca’s arms, having cast a ritual to send two lost souls after Gavielle to exact vengeance upon her. Agreeing to take the babbling gnome off the ship, they depart Bulmer’s Sentinenl and continue their journey to Belltower.



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