Episode 42 - Stormfront

The Clouds Burst

Game Date: Autumn 52 – 54, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Bulmer’s Folly (See Map)
Player Characters Present: Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Typhoenos Viomarkh

Two days sail eastward from Bulmer’s Folly brings The Distressed Damsel to Stonesthrow Pass, the gateway between the Emerald Sea and the eastern Stale Sea. Exactly as the ship begins to cross the pass, however, an unexpected storm, carrying primal portents, materializes in the sky above the Damsel and immediately pours its rage down upon the crew, adventurers included, below.

Tapping into his primal font, Typhoenos discerns that, as he suspected, Kallularuv, his former patron, is the guilty party, jealous and enraged at the dragonborn pirate for his recent converstion to the faith of Palune. After several attempts to struggle through the storm, several failed attempts to mollify the raging storm spirit and several halflings are pulled over the deck by raging swells, Typhoenos, despairing, throws himself at the mercy of the Lord of the Churning Crush, hoping to appease Kallularuv and purchase safe passage for The Distressed Damsel.

The heroic Vaca, however, leaps into the surf to rescue her self-sacrificing companion and Typhoenos is convinced to remain aboard the caravel, within the Company and among the living. With a new lease on life, the dragonborn spurs the Damsel onward and Kallularuv’s wrath returns once more, stronger than ever.

With Zencaré high in the crow’s nest, The Nameless Company attempts to guide their storm-wracked vessel across the final stretch of the Emerald Sea, through whirlpools, sunken wrecks risen to dash themselves against the ship and even the assailings of a powerful lightning elemental, constructed of driftwood and arcing electricity. Through strength, skill and determination, however, The Nameless Company manages to negotiate Kallularuv’s fierce tempest and reach the clearer, calmer waters of the Stale Sea beyond.



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