Episode 60 - Stoneskin

A Spirit's Blessing, An Army's Allegiance

Game Date: Durek 76 – Durek 86, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Gichiwan
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati, Zanna

Marching southward toward Gichiwan in the company of The Blue Banners, The Nameless Company passes eerily through the Barrowfeet and recalls the ancient wars against the Barrow King. Upon arriving at Inyan Pass and the entrance into Gichiwan, Chogaruk makes his case to Legate Kata of the 29th Legion and is permitted passage. Travelling up the windy mountain pass, they eventually reach the hidden city of Gichiwan, nestled amongst the Spine of Tojezen.

Visiting Oakanke Manor, the adventurers learn that the wise and powerful Baroness Ogimaakwe has very recently perished, leaving her young child, Baroness Awazo, in charge of the city. Making their case to the Baroness’ two advisors, Steelspeaker Disooki and Stonespeaker Miigadan, The Nameless Company agrees to face a series of trials in order to prove their worthiness to the soldiers of Gichiwan.

They choose to face Miigadan’s Trial of Spirit first. Climbing to another height, they must perform a ritual to awaken Stoneskin, Gichiwan’s primal spirit, immortalized in an enormous stone sculpture. With Thistle’s religious knowledge, Zencaré’s arcane painting, Vaca’s herbal admixture, Zanna’s improvised dancing and Chogaruk’s call of awakening, they manage to awaken Stoneskin. They engage in a brief, but simple conversation, before the entity bestows her blessing upon the gathered adventurers.


In Disooki’s Trial of Combat, The Nameless Company squared off against five goliath champions at the Floating Shrines. Separated by great distances of water and centered on a massive waterfall, a friendly sparring match ensued. With all the heroes leaping and teleporting across the various platforms, it was Chogaruk who quickly established the adventurer’s credentials, dropping two of the champions in a heartbeat and leaping to engage a third. Before long, the Trial is succinctly wrapped up.

Establishing all the particulars back at Oakanke Manor, the heroes establish a code word to summon the Stoneskin Legions when the time comes for war. At 500 gd per day, however, they begin to realize precisely how expensive running a massive army will prove.

With that, they depart southward to Nirem, to recruit the Haggard Host, a force twice as large as the Stoneskins.



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