Episode 80 - Kingdom of Rats

A Hidden Power Unearthed, Defeated and Awakened

Game Date: Autumn 56, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Prerros
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow

Descending into the subterranean bowls of the True City of rats, The Nameless Company, disguised as slave mice, scheme a means to lose their jy’hizaar entourage and search out the Fraudulent Dice of Palune. Through the use of Zencaré’s illusory powers and a few hasty disguises, they manage to ditch their tail and abscond into the various tunnels.

Attempting to follow the magical trace of the divine die, the adventurers end up turned around and, after defeating a pair of jy’hizaar guards, they discover themselves within a massive treasure vault. Briefly risking growing to normal size, Grandmother Crow shoves a bag of holding full of treasure – plus buttons, washers and knickknacks – making a neat ten thousand gold.

Continuing their search, they eventually locate the Fraudulent Die – currently in the possession of King Rat, his mate Queen Rat and their council of advisors. Launching into battle against the rodent king, more and more rats begin to pour out from every adjacent doorway, flooding the chamber before long with innumerable rat corpses. In the heart of the swarm, the adventurers struggle onward, eventually slaying both King and Queen after much bloodshed and toil. Intimidating the remainder of the horde to grant them a brief headstart, they go running through the tunnels, quickly filling with savage, mindless rats.

Leaping out from an culvert into the bay, The Nameless Company is amazed to discover the entire city overrun with rats. As they hustle back to the original chamber that shrank them, they watch citizens pulled to the ground, buildings crumpled and streets thick with a furious carpet of rats. Once returned to their normal size, the heroes hustle back to The Nightowl and shove off, the halfling crew agog.

No sooner have they returned, however, than they notice that Grandmother Crow has vanished.



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