Osley Riverrock

Safecracker, Spelunker and Silvertongue Extraordinare


“Tussles of waifish black hair, a crooked smile and a penchant for perpetually juggling any of the handful of weighted throwing knives he carries mark Osley Riverrock, halfling burglar, as a scamp, scofflaw and ne’er-do-well long before he’s even the chance to shoot his mouth off.”

Male Halfling Rogue 5


Formerly a professional thief, Osley Riverrock joined an adventuring party in the year 101 F.I., an adventuring party that would eventually become world-famous as the Band of Five. From their humble beginnings in the town of Belltower, Osley and his adventuring companions committed many acts of heroism and bravery all across Qairn.

In 104 F.I., the Feywarped giant Intorg the Invincible began his bloody reign of terror across Colcambria, destroying towns and villages willy-nilly. The Band of Five intervened, catching up with the giant during his attack on the small town of Phyren. The clever Osley challenged the massive giant to single combat in the arena and, in the final moments of the fight, they slew each other.

Osley’s remains were interred below Phyren’s colosseum, in a place of honor, where the Nameless Company recovered his trademark weapon – the incredible Blade of Infinite Shapes.

Race: Halfling
Age: 31
Height: 4’1"
Weight: 82 lbs.
Hair: Dusky Black
Eyes: Brown

First Appearance: Prologue One – Maz Immura
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 44 – Party Politics
Played By: Dan Glaser

Osley Riverrock

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