Campaign Timeline


Zahal 45, 101 F.I.: Headmaster Kajetan hires four adventurers to accompany him to Maz Immura. From within the ruin, they uncover the mysterious gear. ( Prologue Part 1)

Zahal 68 – 69, 101 F.I.: The heroes accompany a merchant wagon through the Ironshod Hills to Kirish Dahn, carrying the mysterious gear as cargo, and defeat a goblin warband en route. ( Prologue Part 2)

Zahal 99, 101 F.I.: After a botched assassination attempt on Headmaster Kajetan, the heroes discover the visiting professor from House Topaz is to blame and apprehend him. ( Prologue Part 3)

Main Campaign

Zahal 6, 338 F.I.: The mysterious sunset ship attacks Belltower and four new heroes, at first innocent bystanders and soon would-be defenders, rush to the town’s aid. (Episode 1) Meanwhile, at the Belltower Collegium, Althoren Zencaré intervenes in an attempted kidnapping and rescues the university’s blind caligraphy instructor. ( Interlude 1)

Zahal 7 – 8, 338 F.I.: Hired by an elderly and addlebrained Professor Kajetan to recover the mysterious gear from its dusk elven abductors, the five heroes, now a full-fledged adventuring party, cross the Ironshod Hills and arrive at the borders of goblin-controlled Kirish Dahn. ( Episode 2)

Zahal 9, 338 F.I.: The party infiltrates Gorzibadd, confronts and defeats both the former mayor and the current mayor, rescues a captive shifter cub and recovers a powerful eladrin artifact from the de facto mayor. ( Episodes 3, 4, 5)

Zahal 10 – 12, 338 F.I.: Crossing the Roahke Flats, the heroes stumble across a strange elven wedding in progress and are invited to participate in the games, the hunt and the feast, only to realize that they’d somehow travelled back in time and briefly found themselves some five hundred years in the past. (Episode 6)

Zahal 13 – 16, 338 F.I.: Heading westward through The Bandit’s Gift, our heroes encounter a Mfuriko warband, a rival company of adventurers and a strange cadaver collector, a day outside of Cantilever, City of Constructs. (Episode 7)

Zahal 17, 338 F.I.: Arriving in Cantilever, our heroes clash with shore leave privateers and are begrudgingly employed by Ûbolya of House Topaz to protect her own magical gear against in incoming dusk elves. (Episode 8)

Zahal 18-19, 338 F.I.: The heroes defend House Topaz Stead against an incursion by dusk elves and dusk gnomes from the sunset ship. (Episode 9)

Zahal 20, 338 F.I.: Boarding the Oferet, the adventuring party defeat Captain Gavielle and recover two gears, only to be ambushed by House Topaz and surrendering their prize. (Episode 10)

Zahal 21 – 22, 338 F.I.: The adventurers chase the Marut into a hidden factory hidden beneath Cantilever, where they discover Ûbolya of House Topaz’s secret war chest the terrible truth of the ironforged. (Episode 11, 12)

Zahal 23 – 24, 338 F.I.: Hiring Free Captain Yenta Yolanda (Yo) “Dugong” Dawndive and her Distressed Damsel, the heroes sail the Scarlet Sea toward Eudox and clash with Ta’dez’al’é goliaths en route. ( Episode 13)

Zahal 25 – 34, 338 F.I.: Travelling the remainder of the way to Eudox, our heroes discover that the Oferet has already moved on, acquire the Scriptoscope™ and begin the hunt for Zencaré’s daughter. ( Episode 14)

Zahal 34 – 35, 338 F.I.: The heroes journey into the Feywild to rescue Lunoré from Palune’s grasp. ( Episode 15)

Zahal 35 – 40, 338 F.I.: The heroes travel to Typhoon’s Rest, where they recover the Dragonshield of Radiance and defeat Captain Basiliskhos. ( Episode 16)

Zahal 40 – 50, 338 F.I.: Venturing further and further south, the adventurers discover Iomeraz, the Endfrost, and fool a platoon of House Topaz dwarves into leading them to their hidden installation. ( Episode 17)

Zahal 51, 338 F.I.: At House Topaz’ hidden installation and skyship factory, the adventurers encounter Xyar, the frosen First Giant, Vencel, Loremaster of House Topaz and engage in a massive skyship battle that claims Zencaré’s life. ( Episode 18, 19)

Zahal 52 – 61, 338 F.I.: Venturing back north in search of a means to resurrect their fallen companion, the Nameless Company once passes through mysterious mists and engages in a halfling mastmeet. ( Episode 20)

Zahal 62 – 66, 338 F.I.: The Nameless Company reaches Phyren, where they receive an unusual missive from Palune himself as well as involve themselves in the plight of the town’s goliath slaves. ( Episode 21)

Zahal 67 – 75, 338 F.I.: After rescuing the goliath shaman and recovering Osley Riverrock’s weapon, the Nameless Company is thanked with a lively night on the Crimson Atoll. ( Episode 22)

Zahal 76 – 86, 338 F.I.: The Nameless Company sails to Thumbnail, resurrects Zencaré and battles the ghost of Captain Halfhull for command of the Damsel. ( Episode 23)

Zahal 87 – 92, 338 F.I.: Arriving in Mhetro, our heroes regroup, resupply and seek a means to cure Chogaruk’s strange new ailment. ( Episode 24)

Zahal 96, 338 F.I.: En route to the Teithia Cliffs, our heroes do battle with and finally defeat the Tepemkau Hound, the beast that’d plagued Cutter for nearly five years. ( Episode 25)

Zahal 97 – 100, 338 F.I.: The Nameless Company ventures across the Glasgwair, seeking the aid of the Snow-Horn minotaur herd, and falls prey to the disorienting effects of the Riddle of Grass. ( Episode 26)

Zahal 101 – Durek 6, 338 F.I.: While Chogaruk undergoes a series of trials on behalf of the Snow-Horn herd, the remainder of the Company encounters a wandering elven minstrel, sinister suicide rituals and the five missing eggs of Tojezen. ( Episode 27, Interlude 6)

Durek 7 – Durek 12, 338 F.I.: Travelling south to Xanthara to return Tojezen’s missing eggs, the Nameless Company are named Lords and Ladies of Bluffguard, as well as confronting Zanna’s father, Txomin the Locust. ( Episode 28)

Durek 13 – Durek 30, 338 F.I.: Discovering a hidden passage past the Three Seas blockade, the adventurers encounter cockatrice, blind goliaths, tieflings, orcs, Drek and assassin vines as they trek across mainland Obalta. ( Episode 29, 30, 31)

Durek 30 – 38, 338 F.I.: Arriving at Tigershead, The Nameless Company thwarts two separate assassination attempts against two of its members and waves goodbye to a third as Thistle departs the adventuring party. ( Episode 32)

Durek 39 – 42, 338 F.I.: The four remaining members of the company visit the ruins of Malaphar to recover another artifact of the legendary Band of Five. ( Episode 33)

Durek 43 – 45, 338 F.I.: At the behest of his storm spirit patron, the heroes rescue Typhoenos Viomarkh from the wreckage of his ship and add the infected dragonborn to their number. ( Episode 34 – Shipwrecked)

Durek 46 – 49, 338 F.I.: The strange mists resurface as the adventurers sail past Dread Salarza and the time-traveling company witnesses the destruction of Iokarth, the first encounter between orcs and the civilized world. ( Episode 35)

Durek 50 – 52, 338 F.I.: The Nameless Company reaches Maz Qyne and, with instructions to do so from Palune himself, activates the contained portico to travel to Palune. While on the surface of the moon, the adventurers conquer a slaving ship, journey to Tsoj, City of Eyes, infiltrate the Flayer’s Monolith and slay Min the Deathless, before returning home. ( Episode 36, 37, 38, 39, 40)

Autumn 47 – 52, 338 F.I.: Upon returning to Qairn, The Nameless Company escapes a House Topaz ambush, begins their journey home toward Belltower and rescues Yinsel, the former captain of The Oferet. ( Episode 41)

Autumn 52 – 54, 338 F.I.: Sailing through the Stonesthrow Pass, The Distressed Damsel is beset by a primal tempest, conjured by Kallularuv of the Crushing Churn. ( Episode 42)

Autumn 55 – 65, 338 F.I.: The vibrating artifacts of the Band of Five lead The Nameless Company to Greenapple, where the Band of Five once made its valorous stand, to recover the final artifact. Traveling back in time, they aid their adventuring idols, the Band of Five in defeating a rampaging orcish warband. ( Episode 43, 44)

Autumn 75, 338 F.I.: Awakening after their time traveling adventure, the adventures discover Typhoenos has succumbed to his wounds and perished. They then depart the now-prosperous village of Greenapple. ( Episode 45)

Autumn 76 – 88, 338 F.I.: The Nameless Company collects their bounty in Gullsport and becomes involved in an attempted poisoning on their old ally, Tyristys. ( Episode 46)

Autumn 89 – 94, 338 F.I.: As they return to Belltower, the adventurers rush to collect the three ingredients that will stave off the specter of death from Professor Kajetan, their beloved dwarven patron. ( Episode 47, 48)

Autumn 94 – 98, 338 F.I. After reuniting Vaca with his resurrected parents, The Nameless Company tracks down and defeats Vix, former Alpha of the Silverback Coven and resumes leadership of the shifter orphans. ( Episode 49)

Brineday, 338 F.I. Calexzar the Vitriolic descends on Belltower with fire and smoke, waging a personal war against The Nameless Company, assuming they’ve stolen the golden egg. ( Episode 50)

Sangor 1, 338 F.I. – Durek 7, 339 F.I.: The Nameless Company separates, off to seek their own individual errands, until summoned back together to Twin Ridge by Baron Zuss. ([[Interlude: The Year Passes | Interlude]])

Durek 9, 339 F.I.: The adventurers infiltrate Bluffguard via Drag Lokyo’s accursed tomb, fight their way up the keep and defeat Prygor on its highest battlement.. (Episode 51, 52, 53)

Durek 10 – 19, 339 F.I. Sans Zanna, The Nameless Company venture northward, toward Mound Arwyne, and Chogaruk unsuccessfully attempts to convert the Cloudless-Day goliath tribe to his cause (Episode 53)

Durek 19, 339 F.I.: At Mound Arwyne, The Nameless Company rejoins Thistle, meets Grandmother Crow and hires Tawel to be their grassland guide. (Episode 54)

Durek 20 – 54, 339 F.I.: The Nameless Company, led by Tawel, seeks the golden egg in the Glasgwair. In Raborox, they learn the egg was perhaps swallowed by Cindermaw, the firebreathing bulette. At Mound Anwen, they slay the beast, recover the egg and summon Tojezen, who carries them to Xanthara. (Episode 55, 56, 57, 58)

Campaign Timeline

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