Cohos Theakh (The Sword's Art)

Cohos Theakh (KO-hos THEE-ock, literally meaning “the sword’s art”) is a traditional Arkhosian martial art associated solely with the cohos, the Arkhosian longsword. Arkhosian traditions states that the cohos is the simplest and most noble of a warrior’s weapons and all Arkhosian warriors, from humble soldier to noble dragoon, are trained in some form of Cohos Theakh.


The Sword’s Art is divided into five official schools, listed below.

  • Cohos Ptolos, the Way of Honor: The most basic of the five schools, Ptolos focuses on single-handed swordplay and is subsequently considered the most honorable. All Rites of Pentakhar are performed using the Way of Honor.
  • Cohos Rhemos, the Way of Power: Rhemos emphasizes strength over skill and favors wielding the cohos with two hands. Rhemos is the most popular school for the cohosian and is found frequently on both battlefield and tourney ground.
  • Cohos Metos, the Way of Protection: Considered somewhat improper for a true cohosian, Metos is the only school to include the use of a shield. The Way of Protection is most always practiced by guardsmen or sentries and is rarely seen elsewhere.
  • Cohos Ekkos, the Way of Cowardice: An ill-frequented form, a dragoon using the Ekkos stance employs a one-handed reverse grip. In the philosophy of Cohos Theakh, a swordsdragon gripping a blade in such a fashion has but two goals; stabbing a foe in the back or parrying elusively, both considered cowardly actions for a dragoon.
  • Cohos Ovos, the Way of “Duality”: Most closely translating as “duality”, Ovos is an advanced form based on two weapon fighting. A warrior learning this school trains with a ghohos, a variant pair of cohos meant to be wielded simultaneously.


In order to become a full-fledged dragoon, a dragonborn warrior must master all five schools of Cohos Theakh, a feat that can take over a decade of training. The art is typically taught in a dojo by a sword master and the arduous process serves as the backbone Arkhosian training. As the aspiring dragoon learns each school of swordplay, they are simultaneously taught tactics, strategy and about the manifold duties and responsibilities that befall an Arkhosian military commander. By the time they graduate, the newly-appointed dragoon is not only a master swordsdragon, but also fully qualified to accept an officer’s commission in the Arkhosian Royal Army.

Cohos Theakh (The Sword's Art)

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