FIRST PARTY, TXOMIN, Steward Lord of Bluffguard, Field General of the Haggard Host, is hereafter referred to as CONTRACTOR.

SECOND PARTY, THE NAMELESS COMPANY, is hereafter referred to as CLIENT

  1. CONTRACTOR agrees to supply CLIENT with a standing force of men-of-arms, hereafter refered to as ASSETS, congruent with the expressed wishes of CLIENT at time of the CONTRACT’S drawing, but not exceeding five thousand heads in total. CLIENT may request more ASSETS from CONTRACTOR at any time, but CLIENT must allow for a corresponding interval of time to elapse between CLIENT’S request and CONTRACTOR’S fulfillment of said request. The length of such an interval may not exceed one week per addition ASSET requested.
  1. CONTRACTOR agrees to provide adequate equipage for each ASSET contracted, within reasonable limits. This equipage includes and is limited to; arrows, banners, barding, bedrolls, breeches, boots, bows, chariots, cloaks, cooking utensils, crossbows, greaves, gauntlets, hauberks, helms, javelins, jerkins, mailshirts, plate armor, spears, swords, tents, tunics, vambraces. Any extraordinary or magical equipage CLIENT wishes ASSETS to employ must be provided by CLIENT. Extraordinary or magical equipage is to be defined, at time of request, by CONTRACTOR.
    a.) Horses will be provided in such numbers by CONTRACTOR to equip once all those ASSETS that CLIENT requests come mounted, hereafter refered to as MOUNTED ASSETS. Should any those horses be expended or damaged, the same rules in Clause 3 apply.
  1. CONTRACTOR does not agree to provide additional ASSETS not specified within initial request to CLIENT without additional CONTRACT being drawn up. In the event of an ASSET’S injury or incapacitation, CONTRACTOR holds all rights to declare an ASSET unfit for service. CLIENT waves all rights to making such claims.
  1. CONTRACTOR agrees to render ASSET’S for an interval specified in length by the VICTORY CONDITION, outlined below. Once the VICTORY CONDITION is achieved, the CONTRACT is rendered null and void. Should CLIENT wish to continue contracting CONTRACTOR, an additional CONTRACT will be drawn up.
    a.) Should either party violate any Clause in the CONTRACT, the CONTRACT is declared null and void. CONTRACTOR may terminate the CONTRACT at any time, but must provide 75 days worth of notice.
  1. ASSETS are, for the purposes of CONTRACT, to be considered property of CONTRACTOR. At no time during CONTRACT’S interval may CLIENT barter, exchange, sell, liquidate or command any ASSET that CONTRACTOR provides.
  1. For each day until VICTORY CONDITION is completed, CLIENT agrees to supply a sum of money equal to 4 SILVER DRAGONS per ASSET to CONTRACTOR. This money is to be considered RATIONS and is never considered WAGES (See Clause 7) in any capacity. In addition, CLIENT agrees to provide ample lodgings for each ASSET contracted. These lodgings may take the form of adequate camping grounds.
    a.) CONTRACTOR is not responsible for overseas transportation of ASSETS need not provide any method to do so.
  1. For each day ASSETS are sent into combat, hereafter referred to as SERVICE, CLIENT agrees to supply a sum of money equal to 1 GOLDEN DRAGON per ASSET to CONTRACTOR. This money is to be considered WAGES and is never considered RATIONS (see Clause 7) in any capacity.

VICTORY CONDITION: The destruction of the Arkhosian leadership in Colcambria.



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