Crosswinds is a metropolis (pop. 197,000), the corporate headquarters of Three Seas Shipping and the largest city in the known world. Located on a large island equidistant from Colcambria, Irmina and Obalta, the city’s known for its vast markets, its liberal trading practices and its obscene wealth.



Ideally situated at the crux point between four continents, two oceans and two trade winds, Crosswinds is the epicenter of all oceanic trade in Qairn. The entire shore of the island is ringed by a smaller, somewhat autonomous city, known as Outer Mooring, where non-Three Seas ships draw up. Every ship owned by Three Seas can dock within its massive marinas, over one thousand locks for one thousand ships. Standing at the city’s center is a five-hundred foot tall statue of Fabiana Farflung, the Company’s founder, at the exact center of the Quarantine Memorial Gardens.

Four massive channels divide the city, quartering the island into as many distinct sections.

  • Copper Quarter: The northeastern quarter, Copper Quarter is where all the city’s crime, poverty and unsavory activities are centered. Here can be found the districts of Catchpenny, Meatgrinder, the Midnight Market, Reek Row, Tankardton and Workaday.
  • Electrum Quarter: The southwestern quarter, Electrum Quarter is where all the city’s markets, merchants and inns reside. Here can be found the districts of Barterlands, Counting High, Breadbasket and Sleepwell.
  • Gold Quarter: The southeastern quarter, Gold Quarter is where all of Crosswinds nobility dwell. Here can be found the districts of the Ecclesia, Last Elegy, the Sigils and Warmwater.
  • Silver Quarter: The northwestern quarter, Silver Quarter is where all the city’s administration takes place. Here can be found the districts of Customs Yard, Ambassador’s Lane, the Guild Halls and Naval Block.


The same as all of Three Seas Shipping, Crosswinds is ruled by the Board, an anonymous group of five powerful peers of the company, rich shareholders who determine the course of the company’s future. They maintain good relations with every single kingdom, nation and city-state of note in the world, for to spurn Three Seas Shipping is to invite death. The Board reputedly change their members at some occasional interval, but how often or by whom is unknown.

Enemies of Three Seas are typically thrown into the Subaqueo Var, the more secure prison in the world. According to rumor, none have ever successfully escaped. It’s said to be located beneath Silver Quarter and guarded by a terrible creature, a kraken called the Warden.


The adventures of The Nameless Company brought them to Crosswinds in Autumn 339 F.I., when Captain Yolanda and the crew of The Distressed Damsel were captured and held prisoner in the Subaqueo Var ( Episode 64). While there, they planned and executed a daring jailbreak on the Awaiting Trial section of the Var, the only successful attempt in the history of the prison ( Episodes 65, 66).


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