Garden of Genius

The Garden of Genius was Imald’s astral domain, an extraplanar realm now made inaccessible or destroyed since the mooncrash. According to what testimony exists, the Garden was once a blossoming, fertile place, full of incredible and unearthly natural beauty. Here, artists, poets and musicians would spend their days in eternal creative bliss, composing and performing such works of art whose heavenly quality are unknown on earth.


When Imald fell, the fate of the garden remained unknown. However, in 342 F.I., the Nameless Company stumbled into the Garden in their quest to awaken Qemba. There, they learned that the Garden was preserved within the daughter’s dream and, speaking with her mother, they learned that should they awaken the young girl, it would banish all the souls at peace there.

After some deliberation, the Nameless Company convinced Palune to “adopt” all the wayward souls that would otherwise be lost – in exchange for an unspecified favor. This done, they awakened Qemba and the Garden of Genius was no more. ( Episode 122)

Garden of Genius

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