Former slaves of Arkhosia, the goliaths are a proud and tribal people, attempting to recreate their ancestral culture in the wake of the empire’s fall.

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Physical Qualities

Goliaths are the tallest of the sentient races, standing over 7 and 8 feet tall. Their skin is gray or brown, mottled with darker patches that they believe hint at some aspect of each goliath’s fate or destiny. Their skin is speckled with lithoderms, coin-sized growths of bone that appear like peddles studding their arms, shoulders, torso and head. A bony ridge juts over their lusterless white eyes, devoid of pupils. Male goliaths are bald, and females have dark hair they typically grow long and wear in braids. Goliath have life spans comparable to thos of humans.

Goliath Culture

Goliaths are driven by a fierce love of competition. Anything that canbe conceived as a challenge invites goliaths to keep score, tracking their progress against both their comrades and themselves. This competitiveness most often takes the form of good-natured rivalry among goliaths, but more than one goliath society has been driven to acts of brutality in their continuing hunt for self-improvement and victory. As a race, they have no patience for cheaters, gloaters or sore loses, but goliaths can also be very hard on themselves when they fail to measure up to their own past accomplishments.

Daring that borders on foolhardiness is also a common trait among goliaths. They have no fear of heights, climbing sheer mountain cliffs and leaping great chasms with ease. Their nomadic lifestyle of hunting and gathering instills in them an inquisitive interest in whatever lies over the next ridge or at the head of a canyon. To a wandering hunter’s mind, that curiosity can lead to better hunting grounds or a good water source that would otherise go undiscovered.

When Arkhosia fell three years previously, massive slave revolts rocked the empire from capital city to further colony. The goliath’s strength, once their greatest asset to their dragonborn masters, became their greatest threat and, within several months, the vast majority of the crumbling empire’s slave population had liberated themselves and fled into the wilderness. Servitude to the empire having divided tribes and families, the escaped goliaths formed new tribes and new families and subsequently, the concept of family or familial duty means comparatively little to a goliath. As previously stated, success, competition and skill are most important to modern goliath society, though they still cling to several of their ancient and revered traditions, such as the worship of Vuk Vrell, their primal nature deity.

Goliaths have their own ancestral language, Vrellish, named after their deity. Common and Arkhosian are common secondary languages for goliaths.


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