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House Topaz is one of the four Great Dwarven Houses, along with House Amethyst, House Jasper and House Onyx. Based in southeastern Eregia, House Topaz is world-famous for their amazing feats of clockwork engineering and their primary city, Cantilever, is a marvel of modern clockwork technology. Pureblooded members of House Topaz tend to be brunette and traditionally wear golden vestments.


Comprised mainly of House Gold separatists, House Topaz was founded in 379 A.E. in the small Eregian town of Zevaal. Beginning like many fledging dwarven Houses did, House Topaz traded mined and traded brass with nearby communities for several peaceful decades. While several of its founding members were clockwork hobbyists, this wouldn’t rise to become their chief enterprise until over a century later.

In the sixth century A.E., Topaz’ powers-that-be took a vested interest in a profitable dwarven mining camp named Ofobr. In short order, they’d took claim of the burgeoning boomtown and, by 526 A.E., named their new settlement Cantilever. As Cantilever rapidly grew in size and wealth, both from its mineral riches and its ideal trading locale, House Topaz was quick to realize its potential and established Cantilever as their new home city.

In 66 A.E., House Topaz was instrumental in unveiling the Ûnczar Conspiracy, a concerted plot by the four Great Dwarven Houses at the time to unseat the Arkhosian king and usurp the power of the post-mooncrash empire. In reward for their loyalty, House Topaz was granted the majority of House Gold’s considerable assets and trading contracts and, subsequently, grew even mightier, in both wealth and influence.

The bitter rivalry between House Topaz and House Jasper was begun in 101 F.I. when an assassin, allegedly hired by House Topaz, made an attempt on the life of Headmaster Kajetan of House Jasper. To this day, Topaz has ever denied the claim but regardless, there’s been nothing but bad blood between the two Houses since.

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