After the fall of Arkhosia, humans have slowly risen as the next contender for the dominant race of Qairn and, while the journey is a long and taxing one, the adaptable, diverse and prolific humans might have exactly what’s required to rule.

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Physical Qualities

Humans come in a wide variety of heights, weights, and colors. Some humans have black or dark brown skin, others are as pale as snow, and they cover the whole range of tans and browns in between. Their hair is black, brown or a range of blonds and reds. Their eyes are most often brown, blue or hazel.

Human attire varies wildly, depending on the environment and society in which they live. Their clothing can be simple, ostentatious or anything in between. It’s not unusual for several distinct human cultures to live side by side in a particular area and mingle, so human armor, weaponry and other items incorporate a variety of designs and motifs.

Humans average life spans about 75 years, though some venerable members of the race live as long as 90 or more years.

Human Culture

Humans are decisive and sometimes rash. They explore the darkest reaches of the world in search of knowledge and power. They hurl themselves into danger, dealing with consequences as they arise. They act first and ponder later, trusting their will to prevail and their native resourcefulness to see them through perilous situations.

Humans always look to the horizon, seeking to expand their influence and their territory. They chase power and want to change the world, for good or for ill. Their settlements are among the brightest lights in a dark and untamed world, and humans constantly seek to explore new lands and settle new frontiers.

Their self-reliance and bravery inclines humans toward martial classes such as fighter, warlord and rogue. They often prefer to find hidden reserves of strength in themselves rather than trust to the magic of wizards or clerics.

With no patron deity to call their own, the numerous and short-lived humans have adopted the death goddess Hroma as their patron, though worship amongst humans is the most diverse. The worship of Hroma reinforces a steadfast belief in many humans – immortality comes from deed only. Unlike dragonborn, elves or dwarves, there is no afterlife waiting for most humans and the only way to ensure their time upon the earth won’t go unmarked is to leave behind a legacy. For many humans, a bloodline or lineage is enough of a legacy, but for some others, this desire to impact the world before leaving it is what drives humans to achieve great wonders or commit great atrocities.

Humans are tolerant of other races, different beliefs and foreign cultures. Most human settlements are diverse places where different races live together in relative peace. In the shadow of Arkhosia’s great power, the humans in the present day remain a scattered and divided people. Dozens of small kingdoms, fiefdoms and free cities of humans have arisen from dragonborn ruins, and many of these realms are petty, weak or isolated. Tensions and misunderstandings among them often precipitate skirmishes, espionage, betrayal and even open warfare.

Humans speak Common almost exclusively.


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