Mhetro is a large city (pop. 43,713), the easternmost port of the Empire of Tojezen. Originally built as an Arkhosian colony, but boasting a high halfling population, Mhetro is a strange admixture of the two cultures, criss-crossed by canals and defended by stout stone walls. Historically, it’s been a wealthy trading port, the main link between Irmina and Obalta, but since the coming of the quarantine, Mhetro’s fallen on hard times.

Dragonborn for the city of Mhetro typically apply the surname Mhetros.


The city of Mheto is cleanly divided into two districts; the wealthy Isora Mortalanta (Crenellated Shore) and the poorer Vorcha Mortalanta (Crenellated Shore). On the Isora dwell the nobles, the merchants, the military elite. On the Vorcha dwell the laborers, the common tradesmen, the beggars. No matter which district one calls home, however, travel in the city is conducted almost entirely on canals; gondolas, barges and tiny cockleshell boats are more common here than horses or wagons.

To the north of the city lies the fortress-come-mail-hub Khurenar, City of Couriers. To the southwest lies both the Pestland, a rancid swamp, and Queencap Valley, a poisonous vale. The city’s harbor is protected, to the east, by the Axehaft Shoal, which shelters Mhetro from the worst of the Azure Sea’s infrequent storms.


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