Oxdung is a village (pop. 637) in southern Irmina. Located on the northern shore of Harpoon Bay, Oxdung (once called Oxtongue) is a sleepy, soggy village and the center for most of the Bay’s whaling operations.


Oxdung is the principal port on Harpoon Bay, a body of water known for its populous and vindictive whales. To the south lies the island of Nirem, a former Arkhosian necropolis. To the east stands the Rookwood, the eerie forest occupied solely by crows. Two days march to the north, nestled in the Spine of Tojezen, is the goliath city of Gichiwan. The ancient monument of Stonebell stands only a day’s boating to the west.


Founded in 493 A.E. as Oxtongue, the town’s history is especially uneventful. The town was established shortly after the coming of the Arkhosian empire, to prevent the dragonborn’s interests from swallowing up all the whaling on Harpoon Bay. During much of Arkhosia’s reign over the region, the town went completely unnoticed.

In 9 F.I., during the Slave Riots, the town was briefly conquered by the Soot-Sands goliath tribe. In 150 F.I., the town was incorporated into the Empire of Tojezen. Its currrent ruler, Alderman Iver, is simple the Tojezeni official with the highest standing in the town.


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