The Rookwood is a large deciduous forest located on Irmina’s central Arm of the Athach. Few people willingly venture beneath its eaves as, in addition to be musty and mildewy, it earns its name from the unusually large population of belligerent crows that dwell there.

The tiny hamlet of Rookrest (pop. 97) scratches out a meager living in the forest’s sinister shadow.

Geography and Politics

The Rookwood is divided in five principal regions, each one devoted to a different species of corvid. At the center stands Ravenroost, ruled by the wise and powerful Conspiracy of Ravens. Encircling Ravenroost is Crowcourt, home of the loyal and warlike crows. The northern wing of the forest is known as the Rookery and is inhabited by the wealthiest and oldest species of birds – the rooks. To the west lies Jackdaw Dell, a deep depression in the earth and home of the conniving jackdaws. To the south stands Mount Magpie, where Boss King Magpie rules with impunity.


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