The Ta’dez’al’é (pronounced tah-dezz-ALL-eh) are one of the largest goliath tribes in Eregia, and the single largest in the eastern Scarlet Sea. Their ancestral homeland is the Chicken Bone Archipelago, centered around their main island of Witcomanee. In typical goliath fashion, they measure the borders of their territory by how far one can smell salt on the air which, notably, includes much of the mainland where the other civilized races dwell. Their name, in the original Vrellish, translate to “salt-spray”.


The Saltspray tribe are natural raiders and reavers of the sea coast, striking settlements from the sea on their swift outrigger canoes and vanishing beyond the horizon again before a proper counterattack can be mustered. Their raiding bases dot the Chicken Bone Islands and, above all else, the Ta’dez’al’é value physical strength and skill at arms.

Among the Saltspray tribe, when a young goliath reaches a height of four feet, they’re separated from their parents and sent to learn the ways of war and pillaging at one of the tribe’s remote raiding bases. Once they reach six feet, they’re either officially inducted into a raiding party, a lifelong bond, or they’re returned to their family and often take up a more mundane profession, such as smithing or fishing.

Warlike and intolerant, Saltspray goliaths look down on most other cultures and regard outsiders universally with suspicion, especially other goliath tribes. Among their own people, weakness and deformity is not tolerated. It’s a poorly kept secret that, among the Ta’de’zal’é, those tieflings born are considered accursed and raised as monsters, known simply as “Those Cursed.”


The presence of the Saltspray goliaths loomed large over the adventures of The Nameless Company as one of their members, the mighty Chogaruk, is an exile from that people. They clashed with Ta’dez’al’é raiders on more than one occasion (Episode 13, Episode 76). On only one occasion did The Nameless Company visit the island of Witcomanee, when they came to ask Chief Tawessu to join the Mizkwinashange (Episode 110). The Saltspray goliath proved an terror on the battlefield, though the majority of their warriors were slain in the Duel of Dragons (Episodes 118, 119)


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