The Sunset Ship

The Oferet, commonly known as “the sunset ship” is a mysterious three-masted dhow of vaguely eladrin design that, starting in Sangor 337 F.I., has plagued the eastern coastline of Eregia. Crewed entirely by dusk elves and dusk gnomes of unknown origin, the ship has cut a bloody swath of destruction, masking their attempts to collect the twenty-seven Nameless Empire gears as pirate attacks. To what end, little is known.

The nation of Gullion, one most affected by the ship’s random attacks, has placed a considerable bounty – nearly 10,000 gp – on the head of Captain Gavielle, dead or alive.


On Zahal 6, 338 F.I., the craft attacked the small city of Belltower and was, summarily, repelled by a party of adventurers. On Zahal 19 of that same year, agents from the Oferet attempted to abscond with the gear Ûbolya, Craftmistress of House Topaz, only to be deterred by a band of adventurers. Said adventurers proceeded to follow the dusk elves back to their craft, board and eventually slay Gavielle in a pitched battle.

The Oferet was then revealed to be travelling south, towards Eudox and is currently considered responsible for the theft of Professor Pranosa’s gear in the Museum Eudoxia, whereupon it continued its journey southward. The Oferet next appeared in Iomeraz, where its ballistae shot down and destroyed the Bynet Bûnamok, one of House Topaz’ experimental skyships.

On Durek 52, 338 F.I., the sunset ship came to its end when, shortly after achieving its goal of returning to Palune, was burnt and broken by The Saiaron, a Xuptan slaver.

The Sunset Ship

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